Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Who I Am.

My name is Michelle Martin.  I am a married girl of 13 years now (not so hard to believe), and a mother of (pinch myself, cause it is nothing I planned for....but would never trade it) four, yup, FOUR kids....and possibly counting (pinching again 'cause I actually said that). 

I am 32 years old (I have proof!) though most think I am 19 or 20, and that I am the nanny of the 4 kids.  Someday when I am 45 and people think I am 30....I will appreciate it.  But for now, it's sort of annoying.

I love, love, love ice cream and various other junk foods....but ice cream is tops, flip-flops, the warmth of the sun, LOVE my family (yes ALL of you), my BFF Gina, and sweet tea (ok and most all sodas except diet, which I guess could fall under the junk food category)....oh and Mexican food.

I don't like snails. Never have, never will.....I just think they look like mobilized boogers.  My youngest child, however, has a weird love....but let's call it like, for snails.  It is pretty gross is all I can say.  I don't see the point in them.  If I could pour salt on them all, I would.  For free.

I am a former Marine Sergeant.  Other than the accomplishment of a super cool family, this is one that I am very proud of.  Semper Fi.   I was a journalist, editor, and public affairs specialist while in.  DO NOT judge me on my blogging "skillz" though because of this small factoid.  I don't claim to keep up with those former abilities any longer. 

Lastly....and most importantly.  Why I join the blogging world today is this:

I have fallen in love again!  I have fallen in love with God.  Simple.  Now I am on this wild ride that I don't want to get off!  I want to tell everyone the story of the incredible adventure I am being led on.  This adventure has begun within the hearts of my family and self, has led me half way around the world.....and God only knows where else.   So this is going to be (in theory) where I will organize my thoughts and stories as I take this walk.  Hopefully it will inspire, teach, bring joy, and whatever else :)  God Bless!

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